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Shoe brush 1
Collections November 20, 2014

Shine your shoes!

I was working on the reference desk in CHS’s Waterman Research Center recently when a fellow came through the door, peering left and right, clearly looking for something. After introducing myself, he asked if we had any information on bootblacks in Hartford. His reason was personal: his father, now retired to Florida, as a teenager…
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Collections November 19, 2014

But gosh, he’s cute!

Kids in the 1940s were not all that different from kids today. They don’t always get along with their parents, don’t always want to go to school, want to go to the movies (or play on their X-boxes today) instead of doing homework. Most of all, though, girls get crushes on boys!

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Open Studio Hartford come to CHS on November 15-16
October, 2014

Open Studio Hartford 2014 at Connecticut Historical Society

On November 15-16, 2014, the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) will host Open Studio Hartford as part of the 25th annual city-wide tour and will feature over a dozen artists and crafters from the West End.