Connecticut’s 9/11 Memorial Board

April 18, 2007 · Collections, Manuscripts ·

It is often hard to accept the concept that history is as recent as yesterday. That concept was put to the test recently when the CHS library acquired mementos from the 9/11 tragedy. The Connecticut Helps Office of Family Support invited victims families and friends to contribute to a Memorial Board in March 2002. The board contained pictures, letters, artwork, and poems and traveled throughout the state for two years. The Memorial Board reappeared again, in a slightly different format, in 2006 when the CHS prepared an exhibit honoring the vicitims and families of 9/11 on the fifth anniversary of the tragedy. Many tributes to the victims are what we call “ephemeral”, meaning they don’t usually exist long after the event. Museums have been trying to document the reaction to 9/11 by collecting this ephemeral material, like “Have you seen . . .” posters plastered along the routes surrounding the World Trade Center. We are extremely grateful that the Office of Family Support encouraged the Memorial Board and then gave the items to us to preserve for posterity. With this kind of material available, we shall, I hope, “never forget”.

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