Mohican Rifle Corps

April 3, 2007 · Collections, Manuscripts ·

Many of our military records revolve around units that served during the Revolution and the Civil War. Like other states, Connecticut maintained a militia between those two conflicts, and the records of the First Mohican Rifle Corps, 1840-1844, provide a picture of the workings of the militia. The Mohican Rifle Corps was part of the 9th Regiment, 6th Brigade and was stationed in Norwalk, commanded by P.L. Cunningham. The return of members’ names to the Selectmen of Norwalk in 1844 includes 41 men with names such as Quintard, Selleck, Jarvis, Knapp, Peck and Parmelee. The records include an orderly book, secretary’s records and the constitution and by-laws of the corps.

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