Griswold family of Hartford

May 25, 2007 · Collections, Manuscripts ·

Every once in awhile I get the chance to go through some collections we have had for years but that have never been processed before. When I do, I always find something intriguing, or at least interesting. So, last week I started going through the Ogden Griswold papers. However, there are more letters between his children than there are to or from him. The most prolific letter writer was Belle (Isabella Louise, born about 1845). She wrote to her sister Lizzie (Elizabeth C., born about 1836) and to her parents, from New York City. I have not had a chance to delve into the content of the letters yet, but I hope they provide some information about why Belle was in New York while her parents, Ogden and Cynthia, were in Hartford. The bulk of the other letters in this collection are addressed to Lizzie from her brothers Roland, Hubert and Ogden DeWitt (often known by his middle name alone) and from her father Ogden. There is a story brewing here somewhere, one that I hope is strong in women’s history.

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