Christmas in Connecticut… Cliché, but True

December 23, 2013 · Collections ·

x_2000_18_12Christmas has always been an enchanting time of year; the carols, elaborate decorations, and endless celebration all come to mind when thinking of this holiday. In the Nutmeg State, Christmas has influenced many serenades, poems and well wishes for the season. Lydia Sigourney’s Christmas Hymn and Louisa Bushnell’s The Watcher’s Carol are just a couple of examples that have highlighted the reason for the season.

The Connecticut Historical Society has many collection items in honor of Christmas, including photographs, broadside posters, greeting cards, and original manuscripts. You can view and learn more about selections of each at Connecticut History Online, eMuseum, and HistoryCat. Of them, we could not pick just one, so instead we say to you:

 Kinde frende, a

greeting warm we sende

for both ye years

beginning & its ende

And pray ye joys of

Merrie Christmasse-tyde

through Spring & Summer

Fall & Winter bide.

Christmas lights at Constitution Plaza.

Christmas lights at Constitution Plaza.

Sierra Dixon is a Research & Collections Associate at the Connecticut Historical Society

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