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John Lodge was governor of Connecticut from 1951-1955.


News, radio and television have worked together for decades, as a source of information, inspiration, and entertainment. Connecticut has indelibly made its mark on the field, with many avenues of broadcasting in its past.

WTHT Radio was owned by The Hartford Times, and operated from 1936 until 1954; there was also WTHT-FM that operated from 1948 until 1950.


WTIC-TV (now WFSB) celebrates fifty-seven years on air this year, though one of its pivotal moments in history began in 1969. From that year until 1970, Leonard J. Patricelli (President of Broadcast-Plaza, Inc.) presented twenty-eight editorials on WTIC Radio and Television, which discussed themes that equally relevant today. In “Americans on the Moon”, Patricelli states that in celebration of the momentous occasion on July 23, 1969, “the flag will fly from all eight masts on Constitution Plaza tomorrow”. Patricelli emphasized racial equality, tolerance and justice in “Riot is an Ugly Word” (September 4, 1969), after over 400 Black and Puerto Rican residents in Hartford were arrested during a riot. His closing remarks said it all: “Yes, riot is an ugly word. Backlash is just as ugly”.

Boake Carter (left) was a news radio announcer who also did many speaking tours. William H. Mortensen was mayor of Hartford from 1943-1945. One would be remiss without mentioning Bob Steele, who was once described as a “Connecticut institution”. His career at WTIC Radio began in 1936, when he auditioned for and became the station’s radio announcer. Steele initially performed station breaks, introductions and commercials, and he later presented such quintessential segments as “Strictly Sports” and “Word for the Day”. Bob Steele was a fixture of WTIC for 55 years, after he retired in 1991.

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