Conversations with Pablo Delano: Part 1

September 5, 2014 · Exhibits ·
Huyshope Avenue, 2010, copyright Pablo Delano

Huyshope Avenue, 2010, copyright Pablo Delano

Exactly four weeks to go and we’ve got a truckload of new exhibitions opening at the CHS. Bucketload? Excavatorload? I’m searching for the appropriate metaphor. We’ll be looking at the built environment of Hartford, the massive construction & destruction that occurred downtown over the past 60 years, the look and character of the city today, and the plans & ideas moving forward. One of our exhibits opening in October:

Hartford Seen: Photographs by Pablo Delano

I’ve been working with documentary photographer Pablo Delano as we prepare to install his October show. Pablo has been photographing Hartford since 2008, documenting the city’s constantly changing built environment. In precise detail and stunning color, his images capture Hartford’s public and private buildings, street scenes, houses, and storefronts—moments in time that reflect the many layers of history and the ongoing dreams and realities of the people who live and work here.

Broad Street, 2010, copyright Pablo Delano

Broad Street, 2010, copyright Pablo Delano

Pablo was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and has lived and worked in and around Hartford for almost 20 years. I had the opportunity the other day to join him on a photographing expedition around town, as well as ask him about his experiences exploring and documenting Hartford’s neighborhoods.


Me (not pictured) ruining one of Pablo’s shots, Maple Avenue, 2014

Over the next few weeks as we prepare for the exhibit opening, I’ll post some videos of my discussion with Pablo. Stay tuned for a skidderload of compelling insights. (That’s right, I grew up in Maine.)

P.S. We’ve got additional exhibits and programs in the works related to Hartford’s built environment, some happening at the CHS and others opening around town. For more info about all of this, check out

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