But gosh, he’s cute!

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Kids in the 1940s were not all that different from kids today. They don’t always get along with their parents, don’t always want to go to school, want to go to the movies (or play on their X-boxes today) instead of doing homework. Most of all, though, girls get crushes on boys! That is what struck me while skimming through a new diary we recently added to the collection.

Arlene Kelly lived in Wolcott, Connecticut. She was born about 1931 in Waterbury. Her diary starts in 1943, January 1, when she tells her diary that she broke her arm on December 21 and was in the hospital for two days. “I made out good at Christmas” she writes. She stops writing just about when school gets out for the summer. She does not pick up her pen again until 1946. She is now either 15 or 16 and boys are on her mind a lot.

October 28, 1946 Today I decided I’d give a Halloween party. With Jerry

October 29, 1946. I’m so busy planning for the party. Jerry is a dream Arf! Arf!

October 30, 1946. Those couples coming to my party are 1. Howard & Rose B. 2 Arline & Henry. 3. Murphy & Vivian. 5. Elinor &Ralph Burrell. 6 Bob Anderson & Alice Masicotte. 7 Vivian Rulli & Louis Narella. 8. Jerry Callahan & yours truly.

October 31, 1946 I’m still twiterpated from him. He didn’t get here until 10:45 I was furious & finally at 11:15, I broke the ice. Everything worked out fine at the end. Imagine! He called me dear. Ooh—-It broke up at 12:45. Ooh! He’s a dream. Ooh!

November 2, 1946. I like him more now than I ever have. Why, I don’t know. He isn’t worth it. And I’m ashamed. But gosh, he’s cute.

I remember thinking that about some boys in grade school and high school who barely knew I existed. The more things change, the more they stay the same! My brother was probably lucky having only boys!



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