Slap to it

November 13, 2014 · Collections ·

So, this week (well and last week…and next week) I am hanging out in Indianapolis attending a Seminar for Historical Administration presented by AASLH….I’ll explain all about it when I get back.  But, for now, I wrote you up this quick little post before I left…so I hope you enjoy it!

Do you know what these are?  If you grew up in the 80s or 90s you certainly should…


That’s right…they’re slap bracelets!!!  And they are the newest addition to our helpful organization army for use in our 3rd floor costume storage.


I know what you are thinking….you are thinking that I have lost my mind.  But I’m telling you, they. are. awesome.  Let me explain…

A few weeks ago our Collections Manager, Diane Lee, and I were upstairs pulling a number of costumes from our hanging storage racks for use the next day.  I made the comment that I wish there was something to mark where the costumes were coming from on the rack.  Since our racks are hung by date, it is easy enough to know what large section they came from, but much more difficult to remember exactly where on the rack to put things back…which is particularly a problem if after you pull a bunch of stuff you end up putting away new acquisitions and forget that the rack is missing a few pieces at that moment.  So…Diane suggested we use little plastic tags that clip over the rack, like you sometimes see separating sizes at the department store.  But those take two hands to put on and you are often standing there holding a dress in one hand and need to mark the rack with the other.  So…I mentioned that we needed something like slap bracelets, and Diane said “why don’t we just buy actual slap bracelets?”  So we did.

They work incredibly!  Check it out…


I can wear a bunch on my arm if I am going to pull things and all I have to do is straighten it out, grab the costume with one hand, and let ‘er rip with the other!  Spot on rack successfully marked.


Now when I go back to put the costumes away, I am greeted by a bevy of colorful bracelets guiding my way.  Now, I still might have to figure out which of these two spots the dress goes in if it isn’t terribly obvious…but that is MUCH easier than figuring out which of 20 spots it might go in!


I hope you are enjoying your November…and I will see you at Thanksgiving!

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