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Holiday Season 1933 Snowing on Church Street at Dusk, 1933. In the background, the multi-story building with lit windows is the G. Fox and Co. department store building at 960 Main Street.

Holiday Season 1933 Snowing on Church Street at Dusk

The presents have been opened, and Christmas dinner has been consumed. If memory serves me correctly, December 26th of each year is a day of excitement, where I can try out the gifts I received the day before, even if the thrill of unwrapping and guessing what’s inside has gone. As you may know, one of CHS’ major collaborations in 2014 was with the Hartford Courant for their 250th anniversary. Here is how the Courant described the day after Christmas, 100 years ago today:


“It was a glorious Christmas Day, and a white one. It was a day of bright sunshine, lo warm the hearts of all who had homes, friends and food for their own enjoyment and to give them gratification that they had done something to bring warmth to the hearts of others. With the sunshine there was an invigorating and stimulating frost in the air. It came near being a perfect winter day.”


A Connecticut Christmas, 1947. Ink drawing by H.H. Art Studios, Inc.

A Connecticut Christmas.

I hear that the day after Christmas is the second biggest shopping day of the year. If you are not out in the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, hopefully you are enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while reading this. We hope Santa was good to you this year.

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