The Joy of Toys!

November 29, 2018 · Collections ·

Although almost every toy in this display is older than I am, installing Connecticut’s Toy Story took me down memory lane. It’s crazy to think that some of my greatest memories growing up include playing with toys made in Connecticut! Who knew!

Like Legos®. Oh, we had some really epic Lego building competitions with my many siblings (I have 6!) – for instance, who could build the strongest bridge (my dad is an engineer), or who could build a house or some other structure. Sometimes Barbie® dolls and teddy bears and dinosaurs would get mixed in there as well. And every single one of us would step on those darn Legos® with bare feet and blame someone else for leaving them on the floor. (Who would’ve thought that 20 years later, playing with Legos would be in my job description!)

Then there’s Wiffle Ball® – with so many kids running around our house, we had enough people to make our own teams… Although growing up in the hills of northwestern CT, I’m pretty sure almost every game ended with the Wiffle Ball® stuck in a tree.

There is something special and universal about being a child and having the ability to play. During the installation, many visitors and staff reminisced on the delight of being a child when they passed the display. I heard lots of “Cabbage Patch Kids®! I loved those!” or, “An Erector Set®! I had one of those!”

So next time you walk down the hallway here at CHS and pass Connecticut’s Toy Story, stop and take a moment to drift back to those wonderful days as a kid and the great fun that Connecticut-made toys have offered children for centuries.

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