Hot Chocolate in Historic Connecticut

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Where in Connecticut could you buy hot cocoa for only 5 cents?

Sign for Hammonasset Beach Snack Bar, 1930 – 1939, CT Historical Society

Hammonasset Beach State Park! Now, some of you may be thinking, “Hot chocolate on a beach in the middle of the summer? That seems like a strange combination.” Interestingly, Connecticut has a long history of unusual hot chocolate pairings. In the early 1970s, multiple Bridgeport restaurants featured hot chocolate as part of their lunch specials. Walgreen Restaurants served egg salad and tomato on toast, french fries, pickle chips, and hot chocolate. Another Bridgeport luncheonette offered a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea served with the customer’s choice of stuffed flounder, Salisbury steak, or chopped sirloin.

However, Bridgeport was not the only town to offer these unique combinations. In 1918, the Norwich Bulletin advertised a lunch of creamed spinach, barley muffins, little hot chocolate, foamy sauce, and cake. In 1975, the Beacon Falls Jaycees hosted a Winter Wonderland picnic where they served hot dogs and hot chocolate.

While these food and beverage matches are certainly uncommon today, perhaps our Connecticut ancestors were onto something. Maybe these combinations will prove to be delicious and become a new favorite! As we all know, it is commonly said , “Don’t knock it till you try it!”

For a hot chocolate pairing that has been proven both delicious and fun for the whole family, come to Cocoa and Crafts Story Hour at the Connecticut Historical Society on December 27th and 28th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. There will be cookies, hot chocolate, a children’s story time, and crafts – a timeless combination!


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