Anna B. Reese (abt 1890–?)

The youngest of the three political Edwards sisters, Anna B. Reese hailed from Americus, Georgia. In 1920 she was living in Hartford and working as a housekeeper. It is not clear whether she was already a widow or if her husband, Henry Reese, resided elsewhere. The couple did not appear to have children, or at least none who moved to Connecticut. Anna B. Reese was a self-supporting woman.

With her two older sisters, Lena Knighton and Minne Glover, Reese also engaged in Republican politics in Hartford. All three sisters “fought vigorously for women’s right to vote and the active participation of Negroes in politics,” according to The Hartford Courant. In 1926 she participated in organizing a Republican rally for the Colored Voters’ League, the Colored Women’s Republican Club, and the Colored Women’s (Independent) Voters’ League rally. Governor Trumbull, Secretary of State Francis A. Pallotti, Congressman Fenn, State Senator Alice Pattison Merritt, and Mrs. Mary A. Johnson, state chairman of the National Guard Colored Republican Conference, were speakers. She also contributed to the Colored Voters’ Republican League.

The search for more information about Reese continues. She is sometimes listed as Annie B. Reese, Anna Reece, Annabel Reese, and other variations.

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