Daisy Trotter Daniels (abt 1885 – 1958)

Born in Americus, Georgia, Daniels moved to Hartford with her husband, John Daniels, in 1917. She worked in domestic service for private homes.

Daniels’ name appears in early to mid-twentieth century Hartford political reports. Daniels served on the committee for precinct 31 of Ward 3 in Hartford, eventually becoming the precinct’s delegate. She was also a member of the Colored Republican Voters League.

Daniels combined her political and social activism which can be seen in her work with the New England Colored Welfare League. In 1945, The Hartford Courant noted that Daniels was among the first African American women to vote in Hartford.

Upon her arrival in Hartford, she became involved in church community activities and was a lifelong member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

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