Lies, Propaganda, Spin, or Self-Deception: The Diverse Shades of Persuasive Cartography

Sunday, April 26 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm |

In conjunction with our exhibit, “War, Maps, Mystery: Dutch Mapmaker Bernard Romans and the American Revolution”, Mark Monmonier, author of How To Lie With Maps (now in its 3rd edition), will reveal the ways that maps can be used to spread misinformation.

We tend to trust maps and often approach them without the healthy skepticism we employ towards written text. But should we? Maps are created by people, who often instill them with their own unconscious biases.  No map can show all the information needed to understand a problem — think of electoral maps with their wide swathes of red and blue.  Moreover, maps can deliberately deceive when facts are ignored or obscured; color and other symbols are manipulated to instill fear or disgust; and titles, labels, and other text are worded to invite an interpretation favorable to the map author.

Join us for this afternoon talk by Monmonier, Distinguished Professor of Geography at Syracuse University and author of How To Lie With Maps, and learn about the many ways maps can deceive.

This program is included with museum admission. Please let us know you’re coming by calling (860) 236-5621 x238 or emailing

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