Connecticut’s Founding Documents

May 9, 2017 - Jul 8, 2017

Often, the CHS uses two prominent front hallway cases to highlight rare collections and tell noteworthy historical stories. Starting on May 9th, some of the earliest documents from Connecticut’s history will be displayed in these cases. These documents were instrumental in the formation of a new type of government in the 1600s. In this government, leaders were elected by the people and their power was limited by the people.

Through this rare assemblage of documents from the collections of CHS, the Hartford Public Library, and the Connecticut State Library, we will explore how Connecticut formed a new government and how it ultimately became known as the Constitution State. We will also look at the circumstances for why it was important to secure a Charter from the King of England in 1662, including the story of the Charter Oak, and how these documents and events help to shape our identity as Connecticans.

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