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Visions/Revisions: The Print Transformed

Oct 13, 2017 - Jan 6, 2018

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Printmakers’ Network of Southern New England (PNSNE). The group is celebrating with the exhibit Visions/Revisions, featuring two prints from each of the 25 participating members, based on a common theme or subject of the artist’s choice. The exhibition also features a slide show documenting the transformation between the artists’ works, providing an overview of the inspirations, objectives, and processes.

“Visions/Revisions, takes us inside the artist’s world by showcasing two versions of each artist’s vision, thus allowing us to view the transformation that occurs in a second print through variations in composition, imagery, style, the use of different materials or techniques.” 

Joan Jacobson Zamore, participating member

About PNSNE:

The Printmakers’ Network of Southern New England (PNSNE) is a group of artist/printmakers, at various stages in their careers, many of whom are respected educators as well as award winning artists. Founded in 1992 as a result of the coordinated efforts of local artist/printmakers and the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, PNSNE seeks to preserve and incorporate the tradition of printmaking while encouraging creative expression and experimentation.

Major objectives of the organization are: to foster public education about the fine art of printmaking, facilitate the exchange of information, provide a platform for discussion of new printmaking standards and promote artistic collaboration. In addition to over fifty group exhibitions, held in a variety of venues throughout southern New England and beyond, PNSNE has completed seven portfolio projects, created an original print and poetry book entitled Travel, produced an educational video about printmaking processes and conducted demonstrations and workshops on a regular basis. Portfolios and singular prints produced by the group are represented in numerous university, museum and private collections.


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