History To Go

History To Go Bags are a great way to experience hands-on, history fun in your home! Each bag explores a different history topic and includes background history, activity instructions, and materials and supplies for the craft. We’ve also included a list of places around Connecticut that you can road trip to with our map or learn more by visiting their website.

The cost is $7 per kit for CHS members and $10 per kit for non-members. For questions or assistance placing an order, please contact Katerina Mazzacane, Youth and Family Programs Manager, at katerina_mazzacane@chs.org, or call 860-236-5621 x222.

Special, limited edition Halloween kits are here! Available only during the month of October! Don’t miss your chance to mix potions, create a scary monster, and solve a mystery!

Mystifying Mixtures

Recommended ages 5-8

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble…It’s time to stir up some fun! Look closely at some of the unusual elixirs and brews used by people long ago to heal common illnesses. Then, make your own potions!

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Frights, Camera, Action!

Recommended ages 8-10

Have you ever seen a scary movie? Did it have a monster? Explore well-known movies featuring mystical beings and magical items and uncover their connection to the people and places of Connecticut. Then, using these movies as inspiration, create your own monster!

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Unsolved Mysteries: Connecticut’s Legendary Stories

Recommended ages 10–12

Who is the Leatherman? What happened in Putnam’s Cave? Investigate some of Connecticut’s most puzzling legends that have left people curious for decades. Then, put your detective skills to the test and solve a series of brainteasers!

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Our regular kits will be available again in November! Learn more about them below.

Colonial Crafts

Recommended ages 10–12

In the 1700s, if you needed something made out of metal you went to either a blacksmith (who mostly worked with hot metals) or a tinsmith, who mostly worked with cold, thinner pieces of metal. Learn more about the job of a tinsmith, explore objects made by these craftspeople and create your own unique design with tin.

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Tinker, Test, Invent

Recommended ages 8–10

Did you know the first American submarine was invented in Connecticut? Dive into the fascinating world of underwater travel and Connecticut inventions. Then, create your own toy submarine.

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Weird and Wacky

Recommended ages 5–8

Have you ever looked at something and thought, “What is that?!?!” The CHS has many objects in our collection that leaves us scratching our heads. What are they made of? How are they used? Explore some of the weird items in the museum’s collection and make your own wacky creation using mystery materials.

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