Ida Sully Troy (abt 1886 – 1951)

Ida Sully moved to Hartford between 1900 and 1910. Before then, she lived with her family in Virginia and worked as a laborer in a shirt factory. In Hartford she worked as a housekeeper before marrying Frank K. Troy in 1910. He also came from Virginia and ran his own gardening business. The couple did not have children, and Ida devoted her energy and time to helping the African American community in Hartford.

The Community House of the Women’s League was a central planning, meeting, and gathering space for the African American community in Hartford from the early to mid-twentieth century. An early member, Troy served as an elected leader for the organization. She became the recording secretary in 1928 and continued her service for decades, later elected as the treasurer. This position was especially meaningful for Troy, and in the 1950s city directories, she listed her occupation as “treasurer.”

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