Object Donation Form Application for making a donation of materials to the CHS

When referring to people please include their full names, not just descriptors such as Mom or Neighbor, as well as birth and death dates.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. Understanding how an object is an example of Connecticut history assists CHS staff in determining if the object is a candidate to be included in the CHS collection.

If possible, please include digital images of graphics or 3-D objects.

The CHS will contact you after receiving this form letting you know our interest level in acquiring your object for the collection and next steps. Filling out this form does not guarantee that a donation will be accepted into the collection. Should the CHS wish to proceed the donor will receive a Deed of Gift. The transfer of ownership of the object to the CHS is not complete without a signed Deed of Gift. The final step is receiving an Acknowledgement of Gift.

The CHS is unable to make an appraisal of your item for tax purposes.

If you are unable to complete the online form, please call the Connecticut Historical Society Welcome Desk at (860) 236-5621 and request that a copy of the donation form be mailed to you.

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