Collection Highlights

The Connecticut Historical Society collection includes more than 265,000 artifacts and images, over 3.5 million manuscripts, and over 125,000 books and pamphlets dating from the 1600s to today. The items included here give you just a taste of the millions of stories that our collection tells..

  • People & Places People & Places

    The Connecticut Historical Society collects and shares the stories of all different people, from all different time periods, and from all around the state, and we’re interested in YOUR history too!

  • Made in Connecticut Made in Connecticut

    Connecticut might be known for its Yankee ingenuity and industrial history, but the artistic achievements of our residents have been just as great.

  • Everyday Treasures Everyday Treasures

    What do you consider your everyday treasures? What would they tell future generations about you, your family, or the times in which you lived?

  • Rare Survivors Rare Survivors

    The Connecticut Historical Society collection also includes rare and powerful objects from the past. Here are just a few rare survivors that we have been lucky enough to help preserve.