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Fulton Ancestral Chart

Fulton Ancestral Chart  Printed 1901 Genealogy CollectionPrinted 1901
Genealogy Collection

Family history, one of the most popular topics among researchers at the Connecticut Historical Society, has fascinated Americans for generations. This printed chart, created at a time of intense foreign immigration, helped the user trace his or her family “back into the first fifty years of our Country’s history.”

This copy begins with Lewis Edward Fulton (1879-1917) of Waterbury, who is represented at the bottom of the chart. Connected by diagonal lines, charming figurative drawings in period dress continue upward to reveal seven generations of the Fulton family, following Grandmother Edward’s line in greatest detail. Fulton presumably completed the family chart following his graduation from Yale College in 1901, the same year the chart was published by Edward Hagaman Hall (1858-1936), a printer, historian, and author, who was known for his preservation work.

The CHS is a great place to start or continue research into your own family history. Visit the Family History page in the Research section of this website to learn more.