Remembering G. Fox & Co.

Remembering G. Fox & Co.

Once America’s largest privately-owned department store, G. Fox & Co. operated in downtown Hartford, Connecticut, from 1847 until 1993. A key component of the store’s success was the leadership of the Fox family and its commitment to both customers and employees. By exploring this site, you will get a sense of the company and what it was like to work and shop in the store, as well as a look at the family behind the store. Be sure to visit the section The Collections at the Connecticut Historical Society to find out how you can learn more. You can also share your own memories of the store.

  • The Fox Family The Fox Family

    Beginning with the arrival of Gerson Fox from Germany, the Fox family was a prominent part of Hartford’s Jewish community for more than three generations.

  • The Store The Store

    From a two-room store to an eleven-story building, G. Fox & Co. grew to become the largest privately-owned department store in the country.

  • G. Fox & Co. Store Employees G. Fox & Co. Store Employees

    Gerson Fox’s motto of “Honesty, Courtesy, Service” defined the ideal of how store employees, from the president down, interacted with both customers and co-workers.

  • The Shopping Experience The Shopping Experience

    During G. Fox & Co.’s heyday in the 1940s and 1950s, shopping was often an all-day event.

  • Collections at CHS Collections at CHS

    The Connecticut Historical Society has extensive holdings documenting the department store and the Fox family.

  • Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

    The Connecticut Historical Society would like to acknowledge all those involved the G. Fox & Co. project.