Remembering G. Fox & Co.

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Overview of the Collections

Women's shoes sold by G. Fox & Co., ca. 1934.

Women’s shoes sold by G. Fox & Co., ca. 1934.

Materials on G. Fox & Co. and the Fox family include employee newsletters and training manuals; programs and records of the Moses Fox Club; family correspondence, travel journals, scrapbooks, legal documents, and guest books; extensive photographs of the store, its employees, and the Fox and Auerbach families; advertising materials and retail bags and boxes; and merchandise ranging from wedding dresses and men’s ties to shoes and hats, from commemorative china and Hitchcock chairs to eyeglasses and pharmacy bottles, from golf clubs to hair nets.

Collection highlights include Gerson Fox’s early account book, correspondence between Beatrice Fox Auerbach and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, photographs of the G. Fox & Co. building and store interiors, Moses Fox Club pins and other gifts, photographs of the Fox and Auerbach families, books published by G. Fox & Co., a rare G. Fox & Co. Tonka toy truck, birthday presents given to Mrs. Auerbach from her employees, portraits of Gerson, Hannah, and Moses Fox, the gown former G. Fox employee Antonina P. Uccello wore to her inauguration as Hartford’s mayor in 1967, and transcripts of interviews with former employees.