What makes Connecticut, Connecticut?

December 11, 2014 · Press Releases

50objects-branding-logo-BLOG-feature-imageLooking for 50 objects that help tell the story of the state

Hartford, CT (December 2014): The Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) is on a “treasure hunt” to find objects that help tell the story of Connecticut. CHS seeks help and input from organizations and the public by assisting CHS in finding and recommending objects and supporting stories.

Connecticut: 50 Objects / 50 Stories will highlight objects that come from individuals, its own collection, and from other historical groups. The CHS invites the public (partly from crowd-sourcing efforts) to submit their ideas for an object that helps illustrate Connecticut as a dynamic place, a diverse community, and a distinct idea.

The exhibit tries to answer the questions: What makes Connecticut, Connecticut? Who are we? How did we get here? What do we want to be? The stories will bridge centuries, locations, and ethnicities, each detailing a distinct personal experience, idea, or action. An object can be old or new; personal or owned by an institution or someone else; evoke a family experience or a community; represent an idea or action; symbolic or literal.

Suggested objects can be submitted online at www.chs.org/50objects. Deadline for submissions is Sunday, January 18, 2015.

The exhibit will open at CHS on April 2, 2015, highlighting 50 objects and stories. A virtual exhibit will also be posted online, showcasing all suggested objects as well as the 50 highlighted objects.


Do I have to suggest an old, historical object?  
No. The object can be “old,” but it doesn’t have to be. It could tell a story about something that defined Connecticut or your experience in our state. The exhibit will cover many time periods.

Do I have to own the object?
No. It can be an object you own, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be an object you know about that you think helps define Connecticut.

Do I have to give you the object?
No. If you own the object, we would like to borrow it during the run of the exhibit.

How big can my suggested object be?
The objects have to fit inside the CHS museum galleries. For example, a whaling ship from Mystic Seaport probably won’t fit, but a whale oil lamp would. Our exhibit team will have to decide.

Is there a deadline to submit my idea?
Please submit your idea by January 18, 2015. That will give us time to choose the final objects and collect them from around the state for the exhibit.

How will the final 50 objects be chosen for the exhibit?
We’re looking for stories and objects from people all around Connecticut, and we want to use this exhibit to share those ideas. We’re sure to get more stories than will fit in the exhibit space, so we’ll rely on a group of people from a variety of disciplines and occupations who will help to select the 50 stories that highlight the rich, deep, and complex story of Connecticut.

What happens if my object is chosen for the exhibit?
We’ll contact you and arrange to borrow the object (if you own it).

What happens if my object is not chosen for the exhibit?
All objects will be included in a virtual gallery on our website even if they don’t make the final 50. Please note that we can only post an image of the object if you provide a photograph or if we can easily obtain our own photograph. A short essay about why you selected this object will be helpful.

When do we find out which 50 objects were selected for the exhibit?
All 50 objects will be announced when the exhibit opens on April 2, 2015. Until then, check back on our website, our blog, Facebook, and Twitter to see submissions and exhibit sneak peeks.

Connecticut: 50 Objects / 50 Stories
April 2—September 12, 2015

Connecticut Historical Society
One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105

CHS is located at 1 Elizabeth Street in Hartford. For more, visit chs.org.

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