Women On Wheels: How Bicycles Paved A Road To Social Change

October 19, 2018 · CHS in the News

Bicycles helped inspire modern cars, paved roads…even airplanes! But did you know they were also an inspiration for the women’s movement?

This hour we take a look back in time at the origins of the bicycle, including innovation that happened right here in Connecticut. We find out the history of how this vehicle spurred social change and helped empower women to break through gender barriers a little more than a century ago.

We hear from the Connecticut Historical Society about how women in our state embraced their newfound freedom on wheels around the turn of the century.

We also take a look at the bicycle’s role in social mobility today. We hear from Hartford-based bike shop BiCi Co. about why they see bicycles as being an important tool to empower residents in Connecticut’s capital city.

Has riding a bike enabled you to get to work or travel to new parts of your community?


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