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“Meet Me In…”…….Connecticut?

August 29, 2013 · Collections ·

I recently returned to Connecticut after a trip home to see my family in Illinois.  I grew up just this side of the mighty Mississippi River across from St. Louis, MO.  I love when I get to discover connections between my home near St. Louis and my new home in Connecticut.  While writing a recent…
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Sledding Down Drive A

February 25, 2014 · Collections ·

When I found Drive A on a map last summer, when we were in the middle of our map project, “Finding Your Place in Connecticut History,” I knew that I had found my place. There it was on a map of Greater Hartford from the 1950s: Drive A in the housing complex known as Silver…
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Playing the Teaching Game

March 31, 2014 · Education ·

I teach by day and work with toys by night. If that opening did not give you a hint, yes I am a comic book fan. I’m always trying to figure out a way to bring that out in my teaching, whether is setting up my desk at work with fun action figures, or trying…
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