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I’ve always loved history…and I’d love to be a volunteer

May 31, 2013 · Collections, Exhibits ·

Almost every day I’m contacted by people—of all ages and backgrounds—who want to help the CT Historical Society as volunteers and interns. (An intern is someone who earns school credit.) It’s quite heartening to talk to so many like-minded people who appreciate the past and want to support our mission—to inspire and foster a life-long…
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Teaching Time

January 6, 2014 · Education ·

Museums bring up images of Indiana Jones and Warehouse 13; but museums are rarely that exciting. They tend to be places where you can look at really old stuff. So, how do you get kids excited about looking at a pot that is over 400 years old?

Mostly out of sight…

October 23, 2014 · Collections ·

As I was pondering this week’s blog I started to think about some of the tasks we undertake to ensure that the examples of material culture in our collection remain available for future researchers.

Kids Having Fun at the Connecticut Historical Society

Look, Listen and Touch: Kids and Museums

By Corinne Swanson, Coordinator of Youth and Family Programs at the Connecticut Historical Society Do you have a childhood memory of visiting a museum with your class or family? During these visits, did you ever feel that if your voice rose above a whisper, or if you dared to try to touch something, that you…
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