Object Donation Form

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Object Donation Form

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and include as much information as you have. The important things are the details that are known only to you and your family. Understanding how an object is an example of Connecticut history assists CHS staff in determining if the material is a candidate to be included in the CHS collection. 

When referring to people please include their full names, not just descriptors such as Mom or Neighbor, as well as birth and death dates. 

If you have questions about the donation process, please visit our Donation FAQ page. 

Filling out this form does not guarantee that a donation will be accepted into the collection. 

Application for donating materials to the Connecticut Historical Society.

  • Email
  • Phone

  • Object Type
  • If Other, Please Specify
  • What is the approximate number of items you are donating?
  • In what year was it created?
  • Is it an original object or copy of an original?
  • Who is the creator?
  • What are the life dates of the creator?
  • Where did the creator live? Where were the company headquarters?
  • What else can you tell us about their background?
  • How was it used, where, and by whom? Give as much detail as you can.

  • How did you acquire it and how long have you owned it?

  • Is the material under copyright?
  • If yes, can the donor transfer the copyright to Connecticut Historical Society?
  • If you are the copyright holder, are you willing to assign fair use for educational purposes (i.e., digitization, use in exhibitions or presentations, use in scholarship or research, etc.) of the material to the Connecticut Historical Society up until the time when the material enters the public domain (70 years after the creator’s death)?
  • Has the material been published?
  • If yes, in what year and which publication(s)? If not published, write "N/A"
  • Are there any restrictions on its use?
  • If yes, please explain. If no, write "N/A"

  • Has it been altered or repaired?
  • If yes, please explain. If no, write "N/A"

  • Other information about the material you want to include:
  • Submit photographs of your items here. File uploads are limited to 500 MB. If you wish to upload items larger than 500 MB, please email [email protected] for instructions.
    Max. file size: 50 MB.

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