Online Learning

Online learning options at the CHS allow you and your students to connect with us online at your convenience or through a live Distance Learning program. All of our engaging online program offerings are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Connecticut Elementary and Secondary Social Studies Frameworks and Common Core State Standards.

Distance Learning

These hour-long, live, interactive programs are great for your students whether they’re at home or in your classroom. Though Zoom is our preferred platform, we are happy to accommodate your technology needs and requirements. Program length can be shortened for class length, as needed. For deeper engagement, create a multi-visit experience by pairing a distance learning program with an on-site or outreach program! 

History in a Nutshell

Looking for quick history lessons and follow-up activities for your class? Look no further! Incorporate these Connecticut history snapshots into your classroom on your schedule. All of these lessons are inquiry-based and feature a variety of primary sources from our vast museum collection. History in a Nutshell is available free of charge to help support our educational community; all we ask is that you complete a quick survey after completing these activities.

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