Speak Up at CHS: Advanced Storytelling Workshop with Matt Dicks

Saturday, March 21 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm |

Speak Up co-founder, bestselling novelist, and 45-time Moth StorySLAM winner and 6-time GrandSLAM champion Matthew Dicks will be teaching a day-long workshop for those ready to move beyond the beginning workshop and tell their own stories.

Unlike our beginner’s class, which allows participants to be passive learners if they so choose, the advanced version of the workshop is a more interactive, performance-based model. Participants will be encouraged to tell a story of their own in a low stakes, highly supportive environment – though they need not come to the workshop with a story prepared. Stories can be found and crafted as a part of the workshop. Much of the instruction is driven through the stories told by participants, so there is ample opportunity for actual storytelling. There is also a focus on performance techniques, improvisational games, and the explicit modeling of the crafting of a new story.

While it’s recommended that storytellers take a beginner’s workshop first, it is not required.

Registration is $120 for CHS members and $140 for non-members. REGISTER ONLINE HERE.

Lunch is not included, but there will be a lunch break. Bring your own or ask CHS staff about local eateries.

Questions? Contact Natalie Belanger at (860) 236-5621 x289 or by email at natalie_belanger@chs.org.