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Special Concert: Soo-Eun Kwak

August 22, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm |

Soo-Eun Kwak wearing yellow and blue hanbok, holding gayageum upright

Soo-Eun Kwak sitting onstage smiling with gayageumThe Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program welcomes Soo-Eun Kwak, internationally recognized performer of the gayageum, a Korean zither. She has won high acclaim for her compositions, which emerge from a long musical tradition that embraces melodic and rhythmic improvisation.

The concert at the CHS will include sanjo, a traditional solo improvised genre, as well as modern compositions by Soo-Eun Kwak, Dreams of the Butterfly, and Nuevo Sanjo for the 25-string gayageum, with Sita Chay, violin; Angela Griffin, flute; and Jihye Kim, percussion, composed by Dr. Ju-Yong Ha, Assistant Professor of Music at Hillyer College, University of Hartford. Come to hear what an instrument with over a millennium of musical history can do in the present in the hands of this virtuosic musician.

Support for this concert comes from the Evelyn W. Preston Memorial Trust Fund, Bank of America N.A., Trustee, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Connecticut Office of the Arts/DECD.

커넷티컷 컬쳐럴 헤리티지 아트프로그램 (The Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program) 은 오는 822일 목요일 저녁 6시에 한국을 대표하는 가야금 연주자 및 작곡가곽수은의 독주회를 선보인다이번 공연은 곽수은의 작품 중 25현 가야금 위한나비의 꿈과 그린란드의 추억은 물론 한국전통음악의 정수라 할 수있는 가야금산조가 연주된다또한 곽수은은 Sita Chay (시타최바리올린), 김지혜 (타악), Angela Griffin (플륫)과 함께 현재 하프포드대학의 작곡가겸 인류음악과 교수로 재직중인 하주용의 25현 가야금을 위한 4중주 “Nuevo Sanjo”를 연주한다. 

후원: The National Endowment for the Arts (미연방정부 예술위원회); The Connecticut Office of the Arts (커넷티컷주 예술위원회)/DECD

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