Free First Saturday

Enjoy Free First Weekend at the CHS! Free First Saturday includes admission to the Museum galleries all day. Please note that free admission does not include the Waterman Research Center.

Family Program: Backyard Barbecues

Get ready for summer barbecues! Families will decorate their own chef hats to wear, and decorate a cookbook filled with refreshing, summery recipes from the CHS collection.

Family Program: Drawing Straws

What can you make with straw? From ornaments to nature-themed silhouettes, straw can do it all! Families will look closely at straw-based artwork by local artist Philitha Stemplys-Cowdrey, and then learn how to make their very own creation to take home.

Family Program: Fall Harvest

Are you ready for fall? Families will look closely at historic images of autumn in Connecticut, make pumpkin decor, and play various fall-themed games, including pumpkin ring toss!