Lunch and Learn: Prescribing from the Bookshelf: Bibliotherapy and the use of Books as Medicine

Have you ever turned to a book for consolation? Treasured the escape of a novel? Found comfort in a poem, self-help book, or simply from reading the newspaper?

Please join us for a virtual presentation by Historian Mary Mahoney on bibliotherapy, or the use of books as medicine. This talk will offer an exploration of the varied ways readers, doctors, and librarians have imagined books as medicine in the past.

Short Attention Span Literary Club


Join us the first Wednesday of every month for conversation about a short story. This week’s selection is “Mrs. Manstey's View" by Edith Wharton.

Stepping Forth Into the World: The Story of the Xu Brothers


Our exhibition, Journeys, tells the story of the students who participated in the Chinese Educational Mission (CEM). In this program, Henry Qu, who contributed his research and translation skills to...


Lunch and Learn: A Connecticut Yankee Goes to Washington


In this lunchtime talk, Will McLean Greeley will discuss how Connecticut Senator George P. McLean helped establish lasting legal protections for birds, overseeing passage of the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Lunch and Learn: Hannah Watson and Women Printers in Early America


In this lunchtime talk, New England Regional Fellowship Consortium grantee, C.C. Borzilleri, addresses how the work of women printers could prove to be the critical component in keeping print businesses and newspapers alive in early America.