Lunch and Learn — A Young, Sad Country: Melancholia in Colonial New England and Its Impact on Early American Literature


Before there were asylums in America there was mental illness, but how did early Americans understand and deal with it? In this talk, learn about melancholia, a form of mental illness plaguing colonial  New England, its types and treatments, and the surprising connection between real cases and the emergence of an American literary tradition.

Short Attention Span Literary Club


Once per month, we get together to chat about short stories. This month’s selection is “Baby, You Were Great” by Kate Wilhelm.

Lunch and Learn: Black Revolution on the Sea Islands


This virtual Lunch and Learn presentation by Frances O’Shaughnessy draws on military letters, treasury reports, and personal letters from the denoted “Port Royal Experiment” to historicize Gullah Geechee people’s expressions of freedom during the Civil War,