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Ives, H. M.
Unknown Residence
Civilian, Male [?]
1863 October 11
1 Item

Letter, 2 pp., from Fair Haven to his mother requesting money while at the conscript camp. It does not appear that Ives ever made it into active service, although he was apparently drafted. He mentions his sister "Nellie" and writes that he is likely "to be discharged at any moment."
Location: MS 91009


Ives, Noah Pomeroy
Eighth Connecticut Infantry, Companies B, C, and K, First Lieutenant
U. S. Volunteers, Commissary Sergeant, Captain
1 Folder

Papers, mainly retained copies of documents generated in his capacity of Commissary Sergeant, U. S. Volunteers: September 1863, Portsmouth, VA, and April 1864, Point Lookout, MD. Documents from Portsmouth, VA, for September 1863 include: provision returns, extra issues, receipts and returns of Commissary property, invoices of subsistence stores, summary statements, abstracts of contingencies, receipts for funds and abstracts of issues to hospitals of the 8th, 15th and 16th Connecticut Infantry Volunteers. Documents from Point Lookout, MD, for April 1864 include: abstracts of contingencies; summary statements of sales to officers; abstract of issues to the "Small Pox Hospital," the "Prisoners’ Hospital," the 5th New Hampshire Infantry’s hospital, and to Hammond General Hospital on behalf of the 36th and 4th United States Colored Troops; payrolls of citizens employed in the subsistence department; returns of provisions; receipts and invoices for subsistence stores; abstracts of issues to refugees and to prisoners of war; records of sales to citizens. Ives enlisted on 18 September 1861 and was mustered-in a Private, Company K, 8th Connecticut Infantry on 23 September 1861. The record states he "resigned" on 18 March 1862. Ives reenlisted and was mustered-in a Private, Company B, 8th Connecticut Volunteers on 5 August 1862. He was promoted to First Lieutenant, Company C, on 15 August 1862 and on 21 April 1864 was promoted to Captain and Commissary Sergeant, U. S. Volunteers. He was discharged on 15 August 1865.
Location: MS Civil War Box II, Folder 17-21


Jenkins, Chloe Thompson (1809-1891)
Falmouth, MA [?]
Civilian, Female
1865 February-July
1 Folder

Correspondence, circulars and receipts regarding parcels for Civil War soldiers, freedmen and refugees. Chloe Jenkins was the second wife of John Jenkins and the sister of William Thompson and Ruth Thompson Lord. Chloe and John Jenkins had four sons, Augustus T., Weston, Edward H. and William T. Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins was actively involved in soliciting goods and money donations from the Falmouth community under the auspices of the New England Women's Auxiliary Association in Boston. The barrels and boxes were sent via the YMCA to the U. S. Sanitary Commission, the Freedman's Aid Society, to Relief for the Refugees and to the U. S. Christian Commission. The collection contains interesting contents lists of the barrels and boxes sent.
Location: MS 88289, Jenkins Family Papers, 1659-1984


Jewett, Levi (b.1835)
Assistant Surgeon
Windsor Locks
Fourteenth Connecticut Infantry
1862 December 23
1 Item

Letter, 2 pp., from Falmouth, VA, to James Fuller of Chatham. Jewett indicates the amount of pay and bounty due to Fuller’s brothers, Benjamin R. Fuller (d.1862), who was killed at Antietam, and Franklin Fuller (d.1862), who died near Harper’s Ferry. The Fuller brothers from Chatham were both members of the 14th Connecticut Infantry. Jewett enlisted on 14 July 1862 and was mustered-in on 23 August 1862. He was wounded on 25 August 1864 at Reams’ Station, VA, and received a disability discharge on 4 January 1865.
Location: MS 93607

Jewett, Levi (b.1835)
Assistant Surgeon
Windsor Locks
Fourteenth Connecticut Infantry
1862 September 16-28
5 Items

Letters predominantly from Fort Ethan Allen, VA, to his wife, Mary J. Taylor Jewett, in Cobalt. Jewett’s letters are on beautifully illustrated stationery depicting the Smithsonian, the Patent Office, the Post Office, the U. S. Treasury, and a view of the city of Washington, DC. Jewett was at this time detached from his unit (which was in the field under General Sumner) as Acting Surgeon for General Abercrombie’s brigade at Fort Ethan Allen. The letters contain good descriptions of military activity in and around Washington and of General Milroy’s brigade. See previous entry for Jewett’s record of service.
Detailed Examination
Location: MS


Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875)
Vice-President of the United States
1865 January 16
1 Item

Letter, 1 p., from Nashville, TN, to General Lorenzo Thomas asking that contrabands in East and Middle Tennessee be given better supervision until permanent provision can be made for them. Johnson suggests Colonel Mussy be assigned this duty. At the time this letter was written Johnson was Military Governor of Tennessee and Vice-President-elect of the United States.
Location: MS Tracy Collection


Johnson, Stephen
Unknown Residence
Unidentified Regiment
1864 June 23
1 Item

Letter, 4 pp., from Point Lookout, MD, to his sister Elenor Pinkney. Little information as to military situation or personal circumstance. After expressing the hope that all are well and wishing his love to be passed along to family and friends, Johnson writes, "I am sory to have them think so harde of me. . ." Also notes he has been ill but able to do duty and that "Richard" was about the same; "as olde coproel [corporal?] sayed I can't skufel much but can fite like hell. . ."
Location: MS 73140