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Young, Redsecker I. (b.1844)
Middletown, PA
Civilian, Male
1 Item

Transcription, 57 pp., of Young's 1862 diary by James H. Smith. Young, who turned 18 in 1862 was attending Hall Family School in Ellington. On 23 April Young's friend Warner went from house to house between Rockville and Ellington soliciting money for ill soldiers but collected only fifty cents. On 5 September, at home in Middletown, PA, "Went up town with the band to the square to form a home gard and we marched" (The Maryland Campaign was underway). On the next day, "In the evening at market house to form a company & we organized" On the evening of 11 September 1862, the company drilled, while the following day Young was employed cleaning his father's pistols. On the evening of 12 September, Young noted the cavalry drilled. On 15 [?] September Young wrote that at 10 o'clock the cavalry company met at the hall and then adjourned until 2 o'clock when they were to start for Harrisburg. The unit did not actually move until 3 o'clock and, though they offered the State 60 men, the Governor did not take them and they returned that night. Young's father was Captain of the company.
Location: MS 90631
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