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This Project is an attempt to create detailed access to the rich Civil War manuscript holdings of the Connecticut Historical Society. The collections presented herein were examined over a period of more than four years beginning in the mid-1990s under the direction of Kelly Nolin. The manuscripts card catalog has been searched extensively for potential Civil War materials within collections which were incompletely processed or which were not subject to modern standards of analytic cataloging methodology. Additional materials continue to be added, but please be aware that these entries are not as comprehensive as those assembled under the original project.

Detailed examinations of many of the collections offer complete transcriptions, itemized content analysis, genealogical or biographical information, anecdotes, quotations, excerpts, etc. The result, we hope, will be both a sophisticated research tool for historians and scholars as well as an enjoyable resource for the more casual browser.

Multiple indices (by personal name, residence, regiment, etc.) provide a more thorough searching capacity. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

  • Names are given as they appear in the manuscripts, as they appear in cataloging authority files or as they were recorded in the Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army and Navy of the United States during the War of the Rebellion (Hartford: Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1889)[hereafter cited as Record of Service]. When the sources differed, the individual's own rendering of his or her name was given.
  • An individual's dates were established, when possible, by consulting the manuscript collections themselves which often contain genealogical or biographical information supplied by the compiler or the cataloger, or by checking published and unpublished resources in the Society's Library. From time to time census data was consulted as was the Barbour Index (pre-1850 vital statistics from Connecticut towns) and the Hale Headstone Index.
  • Residence was established, when possible, by the individual's documentary legacy or, when therein unclear, the Record of Service was consulted. However, the latter compilation frequently recorded place of enlistment in lieu of residence, often without making a written distinction. When the two sources varied, both locales were given, with the Record of Service listing preceding that from the documentary evidence.
  • Record of service and company and regimental affiliation were taken from the Record of Service. If an individual's personal account was at variance with the official record, that fact was duly noted.
  • Rank represents the highest rank achieved as a result of the individual's Civil War service whether earned during the war or awarded following the individual's term of service. The Record of Service was the standard source consulted.
  • Composition, size and inclusive dates of the collection may reflect Civil War-era content only. When material dated 1861-1865 formed only a part of a larger whole, that fact was noted.
  • Following each entry is the call number for the collection. This number is unique to the collection and it is important that all questions pertaining to these materials contain this identification number. Please note Restrictions.
  • Each citation entry is prefixed with a small image to indicate which branch of the military a person belonged to, if applicable. These images are:
    •  Infantry
    •  Artillery
    •  Cavalry
    •  Navy

The Research Center staff of the Connecticut Historical Society is happy to provide assistance by telephone (860) 236-5621, x230, e-mail or correspondence. Patrons interested in our collections are invited to visit us at One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105. The Research Center is open to the public Tuesday-Friday, noon to 5 PM and Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM. We are closed Sundays and Mondays. Research services for an hourly fee are available to those who cannot visit in person.

  • Materials may not be published or reproduced without the written permission of The Connecticut Historical Society. Direct inquiries to the Rights & Digital Reproductions staff.  When citing the detailed examinations presented herein please credit: K. Nolin, Civil War Manuscripts Project, The Connecticut Historical Society.
  • Some donors have imposed restrictions on collections deposited in the Library of The Connecticut Historical Society. In other instances, title to the original material is unclear. Collections marked as “Restricted” indicate such materials. These manuscripts may be consulted at the CHS.
  • The late Ruth M. Blair, Manuscripts Cataloger, upon whose work this work so solidly rests.
  • Marick Douglas Gibson, Project Volunteer.
  • Thank you to Aetna Volunteers! for providing grant money to encourage this project.