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What is this?

December 3, 2013 · Collections, Exhibits ·

Our exhibit, Making Connecticut, showcases over 500 objects, images, and documents from the CHS collection. “What is this?” posts will highlight an object from the exhibit and explore its importance in Connecticut history every other week. What is this object? What is the story behind it?

Images and the Fight for American Women’s Voting Rights

November 14, 2019 · ·

Learn about the ways that suffragists used images in the fight to win the vote.

“The Work Must Be Done:” Women of Color and the Right to Vote

April 23, 2020 · ·

The CHS is doing exciting new research into women of color who worked for women’s suffrage. Join us for this evening conversation about these historical figures, the importance of having a history that is inclusive, and the many ways that this history ties into current civic issues around voting.

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